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Did you already know? With us breakfast is always included.
Due to the current situation, we can unfortunately not offer you our delicious breakfast at the moment.
Thank you for your understanding!

Host informationen

You find extensive information about excursions in the closer surroundings in the ground floor beside the reception.

The reception will order it for you. The telephone number is: 666 666.

From outside you are directly accessible about the following phone number:
+49 (0) 531-24321-room number.
If you like to call to another room at the house directly simply choose the suitable room number. To receive an outside-line choose "0" before and afterwards the Telephone number. For international long-distance-calls please dial: "0" for the outside-line and "00" +
international area-code + local choice-number without "0" + participant-number.

800 & 190, as well as some special phone numbers are closed because our telephone system receives no fee impulse for these numbers. We calculate 0.20€ per unit. In the entrance there is a freely accessible phone.

Each of your rooms have private satelite-tv. You will find the actual television programme in your room.