Bankplatz 7, D-38100 Braunschweig +49 (0)531 243 210

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Did you already know? With us breakfast is always included.

Host informationen

Dear Guest,

the management and staff welcomes you to the Frühlings-Hotel.

If you have any questions or wishes during your stay our reception team will be more than happy to assist you.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

The team of Frühlings-Hotel!

Are deposited at our housekeeping. Please contact the reception.

Our "chimney room" is at the ground floor directly towards of the lift.

With pleasure we help you with your luggage. Simply contact the reception.

Are deposited for you at the reception.

Instead of a minibar, now a mini fridge: This is available in your room for individual use.

Please remark that our house is a non smoking hotel. Thank you very much for your understanding!

The next Multi-storey car park is located opposite he hotel in the Steinstraße. In around 250 metres is the underground parking “am Eiermarkt”.

You will find the nearest petrol station in the Wolfenbütteler Straße. For further information please ask the reception.

Are welcome any time with us (additional calculation). We would like to ask you to leash dogs at the hotel.

The next chemist's shop is at the Altstadtmarkt. Beyond the opening times there are emergency services. Who has service, get to know in the reception, daily press or sign at pharmacy.

You can take up this 24 hours at the reception. For photocopies we calculate per sheet 0.10€.

For an additional pillow ask our reception, a woollen blanket you will find in your wardrobe.