Bankplatz 7, D-38100 Braunschweig +49 (0)531 243 210

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Did you already know? With us breakfast is always included.
Due to the current situation, we can unfortunately not offer you our delicious breakfast at the moment.
Thank you for your understanding!

Host informationen

In urgent cases call the reception (dial "500") or directly to the emergency doctor of the fire rescue (dial 0-112). Our medicine chest is available to you for smaller "little complaints" at the reception with association material, etc.

The reception helps you for information or flight reservations. Central flight information-Hannover:

Tel.: 0511/27195791

airport of Brunswick Tel.: 0531/20978915

Our restaurant "Vielharmonie" opens Monday till Saturday from 12 p.m.until 3 p.m. and from 5 p.m.until 1 a.m. You find small snacks and drinks in the minibar in your room.

Our reception team informs you about fitness clubs close to the hotel.

The next hairdresser is at the Bankplatz directly towards of the hotel.