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Host informationen

Dear Guest,

the management and staff welcomes you to the Frühlings-Hotel.

If you have any questions or wishes during your stay our reception team will be more than happy to assist you.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

The team of Frühlings-Hotel!

In case of a fire please follow the escape route plan in your room door. It gives you information where the next emergency exit is.

You can take up 24 hours daily at the reception. Received faxes are deposited at the reception.

Our fax number is: +49 (0) 531-24321-599

In urgent cases call the reception or directly to the emergency doctor of the fire rescue (phone no. 112). Our medicine chest is available to you for smaller "little complaints" at the reception with association material, etc.

The reception helps you for information or flight reservations. Central flight information-Hannover:

Tel.: 0511/27195791

airport of Brunswick Tel.: 0531/20978915

Our reception team informs you about fitness clubs and jogging patrhs close to the hotel.

The next hairdresser is at the Bankplatz directly towards of the hotel.

Your room is equipped with an WiFi access. You receive the access code at the reception. At the ground floor a free Internet terminal is available for you.

Please carry your key card during your stay with you. At night you can also open the closed front door with it.

Is available to you Monday till Friday (except in holidays). The laundry bag as well as the laundry list with prices are in your wardrobe. Please bring your laundry till 9.00 o'clock to the reception. The return occurs, if requested, still on the same day. If you like to do your ironing by yourself don´t hesitate to ask for an hot iron.

Are deposited at our housekeeping. Please contact the reception.

Our "chimney room" is at the ground floor directly towards of the lift.

With pleasure we help you with your luggage. Simply contact the reception.